Brand new available from us are the new box signs with integrated chalkboard. Here, one side of your sign consists of a photo design similar to our photo box signs, and the other half is a whiteboard surface that can be rewritten over and over again. This can be written on normally with chalk and wiped away again and again as needed and provided with new text. Two pieces of chalk are supplied with the order. So you can also label directly after unpacking and screwing.

What kind of data will fit on my box label?
Since the space for photos and data on our box signs with panel field is only half as large as the space on our “normal” box signs, we recommend to indicate only the most necessary data here. Up to two photos as well as the horse name, date of birth and owner with contact details can be integrated sensibly from the space. You can choose whether you prefer to have the upper half of the box sign or one of the sides covered with board foil. You can choose from different designs with us, which can then be selected again in different color palettes . This creates a very individual box sign, which is designed according to your taste.

What are the box signs / stall signs / stall boards made of?
The quality and durability of our signs is very important to us. Therefore, in addition to an individual design, we naturally also pay attention to the quality of workmanship in our signs. Because we want you to enjoy your horse pedigree chart for a long time.
✔ All our signs are wind and weather resistant and do not fade.

✔ As a base material we use stable 3 mm. strong aluminum composite panels.

✔ The design created for you by one of our designers.

Only when you are completely satisfied with the design, your sign will be produced.

✔ You are spoiled for choice with your personal box sign.

If you have any questions or requests, we will be happy to help you on the phone (02104 – 50 85 793) or by email.