Noble aluminum stall signs, also called stable signs, stable boards, pedigree boards, are an ornament on every horse stall. As an alternative to very expensive engraved box signs or wooden box signs, we offer you high quality aluminum box signs on aluminum composite panels in digital printing process.

What are the types of aluminum box signs?
Our aluminum signs are available in different variants, which differ greatly in design. All types are possible on gold or silver plates .
– Aluminum stall signs / stable signs / stable boards / pedigree boards with branding, pedigree and important data in various colors, printed on brushed aluminum composite panels.

– Aluminum box signs with photo, our novelty. The photo shimmers very noble through the aluminum background
No matter which of the two variants you choose, you will always receive a completely individual box sign created for you by our designers. If an aluminum sign is too plain for you, we also offer other stable signs. Photo stall signs with horse portrait, signs with panel field for your own inscription and our mini stall signs and bridle signs.

What options can I choose, what all will fit on my sign?
Since the box sign is designed for you, we will of course try to implement all your wishes. Basically, the very first thing you can do is choose the color of the aluminum. All of our box signs are available in silver or gold. After that you choose your favorite font (or two) and the text color (printable are all colors except white). Afterwards you enter the data of your horse and the data you want to have on your box sign.
Almost anything you want is possible with the data. The horse name, date of birth, you as the owner with your contact details and of course a brand and depending on the design a photo of your horse. In addition, you can still, as with a pedigree table, the descent of your horse up to the great-grandparents perpetuate. If you wish, the name and contact details of your farrier, vet or riding partner can also be integrated. In addition, we offer special pens with which you can write on your sign and change this again later.
After the order you will receive, usually within 48 hours, a draft of your box sign by e-mail. Now you can still make changes and correct errors. Only when you are satisfied with the design of your aluminum box sign, your sign will actually be produced.

The quality of our box signs
We do not compromise on quality. We want you to enjoy your sign for a long time.

All our signs are:

✔ Wind and weather resistant and do not fade (at least two years)

✔ Stable, since a 3-mm aluminum composite panel is used as the carrier plate

✔ Individually designed for you

✔ Provided with free drill holes and screws upon request.
If you have any questions about our stall signs, or if you want to order several signs directly as a stable or stable community, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or phone (02104 50 85 793).
Especially for stables and stable community we also offer special discounts and the creation of a completely individual design, for example with your stable logo or a feed plan to enter yourself. Just ask.